U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan

page updated September 3, 2013

"Here is the 'SPIRIT OF TRUCKING' as seen in "Third World" countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. The trucks pictured above are called "Jingle Trucks due to the amount of bells and chains that hang all over different points of the truck, particularly the front bumper. They are highly decorated with painted murals depicting cultural significance for their countries.

These pictures are sent to the World of the Truck Driver by "Danny" or correctly known as; Ernest D. Anderson, SFC (R) NCOIC, Recruiting Assistance Team, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Click on truck to view Danny and a couple Afghanistan drivers.

Pictures from Afghanistan, see what U.S. soldiers see and the people they meet.

(If you have pictures of Afghanistan send them and I will publish them for all to view.)



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